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Who wants free sex tonight? I know I sure do but before we even get close to it we’ve got a good amount of work to do. For one we have to do the hard yards and find a willing skank and we all know that’s usually the hardest part. Thankfully that hard work has already been done for us, yep! we don’t even need to search for sluts because has them all ready for us to take our pick from.

Times sure have changed for the better because now we don’t need to leave the comfort of our homes to find sex. We can make a free account and within seconds we can be getting right to the best casual online sex. Meet and sex sounds like a good combo to me, you just make an arrangement with them, and before you know it NSA fucking is where your cock makes a name for itself.

It sure would be living the dream and right now you are so close to making it a reality. About the only effort, you need to give is a few seconds of your time to make an account. You will need to browse through loads of sexy profiles but that won’t be a problem, will it? Good, the girls were counting on it not becoming an issue because they’re horny and ready to go. Take as many local fucks as you want and know that you can and should be coming back for more!

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One of the main reasons why I don’t have a girlfriend is the usual hassle and let’s be honest the usual crap that comes with it. They expect you to get them presents all the time, they want you to talk to them nicely and they just nag and nag all the freaking time. You might be happy with that but it isn’t for me and that’s why I choose to find anonymous sex with local women at

I bet most of you are thinking a guy such as yourself would never be able to meet women like that and I understand your doubts. I am just an average joe so to speak but I still get laid multiple times a week. Once you start to learn more about what women really desire the rest comes naturally.

I know some of you might struggle to believe that there are in fact local women who want a no-strings sexual relationship but trust me there are loads of them online. If you keep things basic and down to just the core things online dating can and does work. Of course, you will get messed about by some of them but if you persevere the world is your oyster. It really just comes down to not giving up and giving yourself the best odds of succeeding in life.

Once you get the hang of it you’ll be kicking yourself that you didn’t try this sooner. Obviously you can easily make up for the lost time and with all that willing pussy in your area, you might finally feel what it is like to be a stud. This will give you balance in your life and it will also teach you a few things about scoring those goals that for so long now have been so far out of reach.

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Believe it or not, one of the hottest dating trends online is women who are married and looking. These are women who otherwise look like they have their lives together. You know exactly what I’m talking about. These women drive nice cars, they live in the nice parts of town, they often have large homes, and they seem to have very loving husbands. They also have mad stacks of cash. They are well provided for. Either they earned their own money or their husbands are stacking mad cheddar. Regardless, they have money to spare and they don’t want for anything. The problem with these types of idealized pictures is that there’s actually a lot more to people than appearances. You’d be surprised at the amount of loneliness, sense of desperation, and feelings of disconnection behind otherwise Facebook-ready images of marital bliss.

The reason why there is such an explosion of women who are married and looking for sex on the side is because of the fact that a lot of marriages are based solely on appearances. They really are. It’s as if both partners somehow or someway subconsciously bought into the idea to look good in front of their neighbors. This is why they go through the motions. The spark, the excitement, and the bright light of spontaneity in their relationship have long gone, so they just bury themselves in their work or their community benefits and non-profit work. That is the main reason why sites like are really growing in popularity.

Whatever the case may be, they just go through the motions and think that as long as they keep themselves busy, they don’t have to confront the reality that the spark behind their marriage has grown cold. This is a tremendous opportunity for young single guys who are looking for older women to fuck. However, from an emotional perspective, you really need to be very careful.

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Free sex sites are not exactly new. In fact, if you were to look at the different websites that popped up around 1996, you’d realize that a lot of them are actually the precursors or the ancestors of today’s free sex sites. Of course, they look very differently, and they were definitely structured differently. However, the same basic philosophy had already been present. It’s all about yanking guys around through all sorts of tricks to get them to stay on a website. This philosophy is actually very effective because the more time you spend on a particular website, the more likely you would engage in some sort of behavior that will end up paying off the website you’re on.

Think of it like browsing a blog. When you’re on a blog, you’re jumping from one blog post to another, maybe you would click on a link and you would go deeper and deeper into the blog. Well, you might think that you’re just simply mining the website for more information, you might think that you are just adding value to your life. Well, think again. The more links you click, and the deeper you get into the guts of the website, the higher the likelihood that you will click on an ad. The moment you click on an ad, chances are quite good that the people behind the website that you are browsing are making money. It really is that basic.

Free sex sites operate with the same principle. It may not seem that you are putting dollars and cents in the pockets of the people behind these websites, but you are for every minute you decide to stay on these websites. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that this is necessarily bad. After all, people who put up these websites are not doing it for their health. They’re not doing it for the greater good of humanity. Instead, they put up these websites because they want to make money. There’s no shame in that game. There’s nothing wrong with the commercial profit motive. What is wrong is when people make all sorts of bullshit claims and lie to your face so you can be jerked around like a monkey on their sites.

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If you’ve joined a local sex site, do yourself a big favor: don’t think that it’s a scam. The moment you start thinking that it’s fake, a scam or a fraud, chances are, you’re not going to get pussy. Why? You’re probably not going to put in the time required to succeed at that website. You basically poison the well due to these suspicions.

Now, this doesn’t mean that you should not be skeptical because there are lots of fake sites out there. There are lots of robot-driven, automated websites that pull all sorts of shenanigans to milk as much cash out of you. But once you have gotten some objective indicators that this is a legit site, let those suspicions and skepticism go. Otherwise, they will continue to poison your performance. They really will.

So at that point, you should start defining victory at This is where things can get a little dicey because a lot of guys define victory in ultimate terms. They define victory in black and white terms and victory, of course, means sticking their dicks into some, hot, tight, all-American pussy and ejaculating. Anything that deviates from that definition is a failure.

Sorry, but if that’s how tightly you define success, then you are going to continue to fail again and again and again, until you wake the fuck up. Really, you need to wake up because victory at the local sex site is cumulative.

The first time I tried such a website, I just got a chick to respond to me. Little did I know that I was fucking victory. And then after a few weeks, I started going on a date and nothing happened, but deep down I knew that was a victory.

So I allowed myself to label these as victories and then, sure enough, a few weeks after that, I was boning chicks on the regular, and that was fine. That was a victory. And then eventually, I defined victories as having sex with three women at the same time, making all of them come and being able to ejaculate at least nine times a night.

That, to me, is the ultimate form of victory. But do you see the sequence here? Do you see the pattern? I did not fucking say on the get go, “unless I bang three chicks at the same time for absolutely free and make each other come three times, then I’m a complete and total failure.

Instead, I allowed myself to grow into the process. So should you. Because if you don’t define victory the right way with your typical local sex site, you’re going to fucking fail again and again. The worst part is you brought

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