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crissy and heidi from futanaria want to know if you want to experiment

What would you do if you found two hot girls in your bed and they both had abnormally large cocks and extremely tight pussies? The girls of Futanaria have a hard time finding boys that are open to the idea of fucking a hot girl with a cock bigger than their own. For now maybe you should just sit back and enjoy the show!

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two teen webcam babes flashing on their live cam

When my friend sent me a link to and told me they have chicks doing live nude shows I thought he was full of shit. When I got on the train going home I sat all the way in the back and loaded up the site on my smart phone. Sure enough there were dozens of sexy Webcam Babes nude on cam and I didn’t even have an account. I looked around me to make sure nobody could see my phone and then tried several more cams to make sure it wasn’t a fluke. There were well over a dozen girls naked. All of them plenty fuckable. This required some more investigation!

At home I loaded the site up on my computer. There were a ton of categories to sort the models by, but I could not chat with the models. It kept asking me for a password. I noticed joining gave you six free tokens so I figured why not? After entering my information I received a password and some tokens I could use with the girls. I ended up using mine to tip girls that were dancing. I got them to make out for me.

You can get your own free account and make use of the six free tokens how ever you choose!

two cute teen girls laughing and playing with moms strap on cock

If there is one thing you can count on with girls it is that they will do some strange shit when there are no boys around. Case in point: I was minding my own business in my English class when two girls seated behind me started talking about how one of them found her mom’s strap on dildo. They both had a good laugh about it and I tried to act like I wasn’t paying attention. Then one of them asked the other if she’d like to try it out and her friend answered with an emphatic yes!

One of the girls, the one that found the strap on, lived a few doors down from me. We used to fool around sometimes when we were younger. I was their pool guy since her dad no longer lived with them. I was beginning to figure out why. Maybe mom didn’t like guys so much?

I drove home fast trying to beat her ride by at least a few minutes. Once there I grabbed my pool net and a white bucket I keep chemicals in and walked over to her house. If any neighbors saw me going into her backyard they would just assume I was cleaning the pool like I always did.

Once inside her backyard I hid the pool cleaning supplies and net out of site and then sundered over to her bedroom window waiting for her to arrive. She got there right as I got into place. I could hear both of the girls laughing and joking with each other nervously. I think they were both wondering if the other would chicken out or something.

Eventually they made it into my neighbor’s room and began to kiss on the bed. Over the course of about five minutes they managed to strip each other down to their socks before one of them broke off and asked, “So, about that strap on… where is it?”

The girl of the house got up and bounced out of the room into her mom’s room to retrieve the sex toy. While she was away the other one picked up her friends panties and sniffed them! SHOCKING! I had no idea girls did this too!

teen girl makes another girl suck her strap on cock

My neighbor came back into the room with the strap on in place. The dildo attachment wagged back and forth as she walked eliciting giggles from her friend.

“OMG! That thing is fucking huge! Are you going to rape me with that thing or what?” She exclaimed.

Without saying anything to her the neighbor girl walked over to her and grabbed her head forcing her to suck her cock. As I watched she rammed it far enough down her friend’s throat to cause her to gag several times. She seemed to be getting a rise out of doing it. Just like a guy!

“Play with yourself!” My neighbor commanded her friend.

Her friend immediately slid off of the bed onto her knees while fingering her clitty. I could tell she was trying to have an orgasm. She was bating her clit super fast. It was time for my own sexual apparatus to get some attention of its own.

The way the neighbors house sat there were no other homes with windows looking directly into their backyard. On top of that they had tons of trees and shrubbery everywhere so none of the neighbors could see them lounging by the pool. It was the perfect setup for a peeping tom like me!

I spanked my monkey quickly figuring I might spank it again by the time they finished.

The girl on the floor mumbled something about needing to cum and the other girl slapped her lightly on the face to break her concentration of her own pussy.

“Not yet, bitch!” She scolded her friend. “I’m not ready to cum all over your face yet!”

She lifted her friend up and pushed her onto the bed. It was high enough that her friend’s pussy lined up perfectly with the sex toy she was planning to rearrange her insides with if she stood with her legs parted. She grabbed her friend’s legs by the knees lifting them up so she could pound her rubber cock home. As it parted her pussy her friend let out a long dull moan. I could tell it was a lot bigger than anything else she had ever put inside herself.

18xgirls fucking with a strap on dildo lesbian teens

After a minute or two she pulled out and told her friend to flip over. She wanted to fuck her doggy style. Doing as commanded her friend flipped over onto her knees. By then I had already cum all over the side of the house and I was getting round for round two.

As my cock got hard again the dominant girl pulled her friends ass back towards her. Then she placed the dildo head against her friends butt hole making her friend shake all around yelling out for her to stop that. With an upset look on her face my neighbor settled for her friends pussy hole. Only this time she fucked her hard using her hands to pull her friend onto her with each thrust. The moaning got much louder!

My neighbor spanked her ass before commanding her to play with herself again. I had no idea chicks got this kinky with sex! I had always assumed it was all rose petals, warm baths and flowery perfume. This girl was like an animal!

My balls began to tighten up again as I watched these two going at it. The submissive girl has very small tits which barely swayed as she rocked to and fro. I dreamed of being under her with her pussy ramming down my hard cock while I sucked on those nubile boobs of hers. When she came I came too only I was on the outside looking in.

Right after the girl getting pounded had her orgasm I heard the mom’s garage door opening. So did the girls. They bounced up looking for their clothes. My neighbor completely forgot she had a hard cock attached to her when she tried pulling up her panties. She had to hurriedly pull them back off, remove the strap on and start all over again. Her mom knocked on the door just as she got her last piece of clothing on and her friend shoved the now wet cock under a pillow. There was a wet spot on the bed where it was sitting previously.

Without waiting for a response her mom busted open the door to her room. She asked her how her day at school was and said hello to her friend. At the same time I could tell she was wondering about the smell of the room and the flushed faces on both of the girls. She smiled a wry smile and excused herself like she knew she was interrupting something.

Once the door closed the neighbor’s daughter looked upset while her friend began to giggle.

“I think she knows!” She told her friend.

The mother started a shower and the daughter quickly put the strap on back where she found it. I wondered to myself if she had remembered to clean it. I also wondered if her mom would smell it and possibly taste it. Just like a guy would have.

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