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Currently in the adult product market, life size adult sex dolls have been a very hot product, however, the price of sex dolls vary widely, there are hundreds of dollars and thousands of dollars, there are also over ten thousand dollars, so what is the difference between the different prices of the doll?

I believe that many guys will have a question, brand sex dolls like UXDoll, compared to the very cheap price of sex dolls are much higher, in the end what determines the price of the doll, let me to answer this question.

First of all, the brand sex dolls are quality assured. For example, uxdoll doll surface materials are all medical-grade TPE material or silicone material, first in the price of raw materials and quality has been very difference. In addition, the details of the product, such as the face of the doll, the face of the aspects done with enough care, enough professional, and the head sculpture update frequency, to give customers more new options.

When it comes to price, there is no substance if you compare poor quality dolls. In terms of consumer psychology, we all like good value for money, but in general, most are cheap and no good. Poor quality materials may make the doll rot and deformation after used half a year, but the branded high quality sex dolls, due to good materials and good production process, although use of many years will not rot and deformation, and will not produce a pungent odor. Of course, now people are not blindly choose low-priced products, but pay more attention to the quality of the product.

So, whether you can buy good quality sex dolls to test the consumer’s vision. But a good reputation, with good after-sales service of the excellent brands, such as uxdoll for a certain amount of financial ability to save a lot of energy and time. To put it bluntly, expensive naturally have expensive reason.

In short, the brand sex doll is relying on service, affordable prices and quality to win the likes and support of customers, may each TPE silicone adult love doll lovers can meet the desired one.

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Why do people like full-body size TPE sex dolls? Why do they spend thousands of dollars on hyper-realistic adult love dolls instead of pursuing real life?

Here are the reasons from doll lovers on why they buy real feel sex dolls.

Top three reasons.

1. For a better life.
2. For companionship and to fight loneliness.
3. To satisfy a specific doll fetish.

Some Words from doll lovers.

“For me, I’m just bored with being alone. I’ve lived most of my life with my wife and don’t want to spend the rest of my life like this. I think a fake girl is better than nothing. Other than that, any girl I’ve ever spent time with wouldn’t look as good as a perfect sex doll.” –43 years old in a business management

“I’m just tired of being alone. Most of the women I go out with are pissed off at the beginning of the season, and I’m off working on racing most weekends. And I don’t want those times when women are being unreasonable.” — 28-year-old racer in a club.

“For men, different ideas about marriage seem to have become a deadly trap. No matter how hard I try, she always has the whole picture, and it’s likely that at some point, the life-size hyper-realistic sex doll will be a good choice to meet my needs so that the “relationship” can last.” -Phillips, 27

“I’ve been married for 25 years, unhappy for most of the last decade, and now that I’m single again, I never want to start a new relationship (with a real person). Sex dolls don’t complain here and there, they don’t give me headaches.” –Netizen “Unruly Wind”

“I started liking plastic toys when I was very young. At first, I liked inflatable dolls, then silicone dolls. I know that sex dolls are not a substitute for relationships, they are just a wonderful fantasy.” –Taylor, 23-year-old doll collector.

“I’ve never had a girlfriend and have been trying to date on the internet without success. At some point, my thought was that it was better to have a high quality hyper real sex doll in my life than to not have a girl present.” — Mason, who has been working for 3 years

“My social life is almost non-existent …… I start working at night until I take a break at noon, rush to eat, continue to do some small work, then take a shower and go to bed …… No time for relationships, tried online dating and it didn’t work out, I had some trust issues (from a very bad past) that led me to want a sex doll” – 29 year old online store owner

“With a good looking perfect curve sex doll, I can be myself. I don’t need to put on a front to trick people into being with me, even though that’s something I’ve never been particularly good at. The dolls will always be there for me and won’t judge me or force me to be what they expect me to be. Sure, they’re no substitute for real human interaction, but I have my friends and family.” –Netizen “Welch”


So, there is no shame in buying adult sex dolls. Everyone’s lifestyle is just different. You can live up to your bed when you sleep and live up to yourself when you are alone. To learn more about sex dolls, we recommend uxdoll – a reliable professional sex doll online shop, or problems about sex doll, they could provide you with more professional and authoritative answers.

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